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What size generator for caravan


What size generator for my caravan is a question we get asked a lot, below are a list of appliances and there wattages for approximation, total up the wattages of the appliances you have in your caravan, keep in mind not all will be used at once.

Appliance  Running Watts
Small RV fridge 150-250
 Large RV fridge 200-600
Microwave Oven - small 500-800
Microwave Oven 800-2000
Cooking Stove 750-1500
Oven 1500-2500
Coffee Maker 600-1200
Electric Kettle 1000-1500
Tv LED 50-150
Air Conditioner small 500-1500
Air Conditioner Large 1500-3500
 Heater Small 600-1500
Heater Lager 1200-2500
Ceiling Fan  50-200
Vacuum Cleaner - Hand 100-200
Vacuum Cleaner  500-1200
Water Pump 50-200
Hair Dryer 800-1800
Laptop 50-200
Lights LED  10-50
Iron 1200


The above wattages are for reference only giving approximations guide only, for best please check the data plate or manual on your appliances for exact running and start wattage. 

Keep in mind generator load should not be more than 80% of the generators capacity. 

Feel free to call one of our specialist a call to assist in sizing the right generator. 

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