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Fuelco Farm Tank - 4500 litres

by Fuelco

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Introducing the Fuelco Farm Tank, a robust and reliable 4500-litre fuel storage solution designed specifically for agricultural needs.

Discover a single-wall tank designed to withstand Australian conditions, offering durability and sturdiness. It's crafted for easy bulk or nozzle filling and can be configured to accommodate various dispensing pump solutions. Eliminate the need for climbing ladders or unsafe stairs with its safe design. Enjoy low maintenance and installation costs, coupled with simple dispensing thanks to a range of pump options including 12V, 240V, or Solar-powered systems. With great visibility for inspections, a marine-grade white paint finish, fast fill connections, galvanized stairs for access, calibrated dip sticks, and heavy-duty support legs, this tank is ready for farm use. It also features multiple port openings for gauging and maneuverability with lifting points. Pump package options are available for easy installation or in kit form.

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