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Hyundai HY3200SEi - 4kVA


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4kVA Hyundai HY3200SEi Inverter Generator

Product Overview

The compact and lightweight Hyundai HY3200SEi Inverter Generator is the perfect power solution for on-the-go needs, easily fitting in vans, cars, or garages. Weighing just 35kg and equipped with a foldable front handle, a molded rear handle, and heavy-duty rear wheels, it offers effortless transportation across various terrains. Its innovative inverter board is designed to handle the demanding start-up currents of power tools and electric motors, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Featuring a powerful Hyundai 210cc 4-stroke OHV engine, the HY3200SEi delivers a robust 3200w / 3.2kW output, making it ideal for powering a wide range of appliances from televisions and small air compressors to electric heaters, laptops, and lights.

The generator's control panel includes two 240v outlets compatible with standard 3-pin 15A mains plugs and a 12v DC outlet for battery charging, catering to diverse needs. Its pure sinewave output means sensitive electronics can be powered safely without the risk of damage or overload.

Designed with the user in mind, the HY3200SEi is perfect for family holidays, offering low maintenance and user-friendly features. It includes digital overload protection to prevent damage from excessive loads and a low oil shutdown feature for added safety. The "ECO" mode enhances fuel efficiency, reduces noise levels, and prolongs the engine's lifespan by adjusting the engine speed to match the load.

Included with the HY3200SEi are essential accessories such as 2 Remote Start Keys, 2 Manual Start Keys, a 12v DC Charging Cable, Spark Plug Spanner, Oil Filler Jug, and a Screwdriver, ensuring you have everything needed for immediate use.


1 year / 500 hours whichever comes first


Model.   HY3200SEi

Power Output.    3.2 kW/ 4kVA

Engine.   Hyundai DJ170F

Fuel Tank Capacity    7.8 litres

Run Time.    7 Hours @ 50% Load

Dimensions.    56 x 40 x 44.5 cm

Weight.   35 kg

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