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Water Master High Flow 1.5″ Diesel Firefighting Pump eStart

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Introducing our robust and versatile 1.5" Diesel Firefighting Pump, designed for high-volume needs. The heart of this powerhouse is a premium Yanmar diesel engine, driving a formidable single-impeller pump built for heavy-duty performance. Crafted from rugged cast-aluminum, the pump housing, fittings, and impeller ensure lasting durability.

This pump excels not only in firefighting but also in diverse applications like water transfer, thorough washdowns, and efficient irrigation. Diesel-powered pumps offer enhanced efficiency, extended lifespans, and added safety benefits due to the lower volatility of diesel fuel compared to petrol alternatives.

The exceptional performance, combined with top-notch Australian manufacturing, positions the MYD15HPE as a stellar choice for those seeking a diesel-powered firefighting pump.

Now, let's address the question of electric start. The inclusion of electric start guarantees ease of operation for everyone. When selecting a fire defense pump, reliability and convenience take center stage. Our eStart model ensures rapid activation by anyone, and in potentially perilous and high-pressure situations, this convenience can prove crucial. Furthermore, we've integrated the battery and wiring seamlessly within the frame, preserving the pump's portability without compromise.

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Engine Model: Yanmar L70N
Starting System: Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.3 L
Suction Size: 1.5”
Discharge Size: 1″ (x2) & 1.5″ (x1)’
Max. Head: 60 metres
Max. Flow Rate: 640L/min
Fuel Type: Diesel
Dimensions: 760 x 515 x 550 (L x W x H)
Weight: 70 kg
Self Priming: Yes

* Specifications are subject to change without notice. Images are for display purposes only. Product may differ from images displayed. Performance data has been measured at the pump. The performance of our Pumps as noted above can be affected by the installation and configuration of the pipe work and distances involved. Example – suction head, static head, friction head. Which all need to be considered when determining the appropriate pump size.
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